Xcortech UV Pistol Tracer Unit


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Xcortech UV Pistol Tracer Unit

The Xcortech XT301 compact suppressor is revolutionary in its own right. With its micro form factor, this tracer unit is able to put out some impressive performance otherwise seen on larger units. Optimally designed to be worked on pistols you can also opt to attach it to any rifle with 14mm CCW threads on the outer barrel. Having this small form factor allows for a smaller silhouette, making the visibility of the gun lower and easier to hide form enemy players. Best used with GREEN glow in the dark tracer BBs, get ready to own the night with the XT301! 


  • Length - 60mm
  • Diameter - 29mm
  • Threads - 11mm CW (Includes 14mm CCW adapter)
  • Weight - 41g
  • Material - Aluminum
  • Optimal Use - GREEN glow in the dark BBs