Abbey Predator Ultra Mini 270ml


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Abbey Predator Mini Ultra Gas combines the power of Ultra Gas in a convenient, portable can.

Many gases use silicone or similar lubricants which are not designed to work in gases. Cans must be shaken to prevent the separation of gas and silicone. In addition, silicone will bind metal to metal which can slow or even seize your gun.

Abbey Predator Ultra Gas contains UPL+: a high performance, extreme pressure lubricant designed for the seals and internals of your gas blow back gun. It remains mixed with the gas at all time, preventing your gun from slowing or seizing.



Incredibly high-powered gas for maximum performance

UPL+ prevents slowing and seizing

Remains mixed with gas at all times, removing the need to shake the can

Smaller sized can allows it to be carried in the field in your back pack or on your webbing

You can quickly refill your weapons without giving away your concealed position

You remain in the game longer without field stripping your weapons

Available in a handy 270ml aerosol cans.

Need a larger can for refills in the safe zone? Abbey Predator Ultra Gas provides the same performance in larger, longer-lasting can.

Use Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144a on hot summers day or when a less powerful gas is required.