Deliveries & Pricing

At A2 Supplies we have a very particular Delivery Pricing Strategem with a long term partner that the Owners have used and they are Deadline Couriers (

Over the years, the two owners of A2 Supplies Ltd have around two decades of retail experience between them and from this they have experienced as many of the couriers out there that you can shake a stick at. From this, they have become very experienced in the delivery of customer's purchases by courier and have a strong outlook on what they want from a courier.

After trying many large and small brands of couriers they have settled with Deadline.

Deadline have been on time, responsible and well priced with their handling of deliveries. But this comes at, what could be said, is a drawback.

£10 Delivery for a £1 Item?

We only deliver to mainland UK Deadline are very proud in what they do and blanket price their delivery structure to a fixed price up to an unlimited size or weight item; with reason. So if you were to buy a small bottle or sling, it would cost £10 but if you were to buy a 14kg chainmail coif, 20kg of Plate Armour and 10kg of Airsoft RIFs it will still cost £10 (example, remember the "within reason"). In the history of using Deadline Couriers we are still seeing time and again on time deliveries and a stable price regardless of what is ordered.

Because of this, we have put our continuing faith in their delivery and pricing methodology.

Will we Continue with the Delivery Pricing?

In the future we will be looking at using Royal Mail Deliveries for small low priced items or by request and may look into the use of other by weight/size delivery companies like DHL. But for now we will only be offering in store pickup or delivery by our faithful friends in Deadline.

If you would like to organise a delivery of your item purchased via a different courier or by common postage means (i.e. Royal Mail), we are open to discussion by phone at 01189 561 411 to see if we can tryto organise a one time deal.

However, unless in the best interests of both ourselves, you (the customer) and our faith in the courier getting your purchased goods to you, we will aim to pursue that your best course of delivery is through Deadline.