RWA Glock/EXA RMR Mounting Plate


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RWA Glock/EXA RMR Mounting Plate

Since the introduction of the Umarex (Elite Force) Glock airsoft pistols made by VFC as well as the RWA Agency Arms EXA, Many airsofters wanted the Glock MOS in airsoft form as optics on pistols are becoming a norm now and having a non-MOS airsoft Glock is outdated. However, since there is no Glock MOS in airsoft form, for now, RWA's Glock Red Dot Plates can help you quench your thirst for an optics-ready airsoft Glock.

The RWA Glock Red Dot Plates are CNC machined aluminium constructed, meaning it is lightweight yet robust. This red dot plate is designed for most Umarex (Elite Force) Glock series gas airsoft pistols (By VFC) and the RWA Agency Arms EXA gas airsoft pistol. This red dot plate replaces the original iron signs present on the airsoft pistol and allows users to place a red dot sight with an RMR footprint on it.

The RWA Glock Red Dot Plate comes with raised iron sights that are designed to be able to co-witness with any optics that is mounted on the plate.


  • Umarex (Elite Force) Glock Series Gas Airsoft Pistols (By VFC) (Except Glock 42)
  • RWA Agency Arms EXA Series Gas Airsoft Pistols
  • Red Dot Optics with RMR Footprint


  • x1 RWA Glock Red Dot Plates (RMR Mount Base) for VFC Glock & EXA