Nuprol Matrix Grenade Launcher Black


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Nuprol Matrix Grenade Launcher Black

Over 18s only and must have reasonable defence to purchase. If you do not provide information of your reasonable defence in your order we will contact you to ascertain this which may delay or cancel your order

  • 6-Chamber, revolving Airsoft MOSCART Launcher
  • High Density Polymer Body
  • Metal Fire Controls & Hinge Mechanism
  • Adjustable Stock – 3-Height Angle Adjustment & 6-Position Telescopic Stock
  • M4 Stock Tube
  • Auto Revolving Chambers
  • 20mm Flat-Top for Optics + Forward Quad Rail for Grips & Accessories
  • Textured, Polymer Pistol Grip
  • QD Sling Points on Stock Hinge + Rear of Stock

On the Airsoft Field, there are some weapon platforms the opposing team really take notice of. Tricked out, long range DMRs… Fire Superiority platforms like the M249 SAW and of course, the MOSCART Launcher. With the NUPROL MATRIX Grenade Launcher, they’ll really take notice as this revolving moscart launcher is capable of firing 6 shells in quick succession (over 1000 BBs when using 168R Moscart Shells), ensuring total domination over your section of the front.

The MATRIX is designed to be great fun, at a reasonable price. Choice use of high-density polymers throughout the body, and a metal alloy construction used for the fire controls and hinge mechanisms – the MATRIX is a reliable construction whilst keeping the expense down – perfect for a replica that may not see the field every game day, but when it does, delivers excellent fun and performance for its operator.

The six-shell, revolving chamber is exposed by pulling the forward-release, tucked just underneath the barrel behind the quad-rail. The chambers rear cover and stock can then rotate counter clockwise allowing you to drop six gas-filled, fully laden moscart shells within… excitement peaking already! You’ll need to rotate these chambers as you’re loading moscarts to build tension in the spring, enabling to auto-rotation of the shells when firing. Returning the stock in place locks the chambers and you’re ready to go. Find your firing position by adjusting the retractable, hinged stock into one of its 18 positions, and you may want to consider the addition of a forward grip to the Quad-Rail for even better weapon stability. Moving the fire selector from Safe, to Fire releases the trigger group and with one short pull, the firing pin will activate the first MOSCART, and as you’re opponents begin scrambling for cover, the second MOSCART will have already rotated into place ready for its turn to send BBs downrange.