HFC Pirate Flintlock Gas Pistol (18th Century - HG-502GN - Gold)


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HFC Pirate Flintlock Gas Pistol (18th Century - HG-502GN - Gold)



Authentic 1:1 scale replica
Highly detailed filigree enhances the pistols appearance and authenticity
Realistic functionality, works just like a real flint lock pistol (minus the gunpowder)
Gas Powered - 300 FPS
High quality metal alloy, imitation wood and polymer construction
Faux leather powder flask for storing BBs
Instruction manual comes in the appearance of an old parchment scroll
Great replica prop for nobility and pirates alike

A base of faux wood and imitation brass-plated metals gives this period-replica piece a hefty feel and a level of authenticity that make this gun truly unique. The beautiful ornate filigree truly turns heads as you don your flintlock pistol to end the quarrel between you and the miscreant who dare insult your good nature. Equipped with realistic features similar to a real flintlock pistol, you go through the steps of cocking the hammer and locking the flash pan before firing the weapon. This flint-and-steel approach to cocking and firing each shot really sets this replica apart with that extra bit of authenticity. Included with the pistol is a faux leather powder flask to hold and load your BB's as well as a rolled parchment style scroll for the instruction manual.

Over 18s only