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DC 5 Olight Holster


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Deadly Customs Universal Olight Light Bearing and Tracer Kydex DC 5 Series Holster

Tracer or Torch?? The DC-5 Series means you don’t need to chose; take both!

Our DC-5 Series Olight Holster uses your attached torch for retention, meaning you can run your favourite tracer alongside your torch. If you run the same torch on multiple weapons, then this is the holster for you. After extensive testing of over 150 pistols, we only found 3 pistols that wouldn’t fit; the full size Desert Eagle, ASG USW and the Hudson. Our DC-5 Series will fit the bigger frame guns, like the FNX pistols, weapons with wide trigger guards, like the AAP and pistols with taller slides like the 1911.

Every Kydex holster that leaves us is formed from an in-house designed mould and is manufactured entirely in the UK.

These holsters are manufactured entirely in the UK from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex.


Made of genuine 2mm Thick Kydex

Works with Olight ( and Olight Clones)

Works with Tracers / Suppressors up to 35MM diameter (small xcortech tracer up to Spitfire and Lighter BT)

3 Adjustable Retention points for a tailored level of fitment


Accepts Suppressor Height Sights

Works with over 150 different pistols

Additional Information:

Due to how a Light bearing holster works, you cannot use the Hoslter without the torch attached, as the gun will just fall out. Please see our DC-1 Series Holsters if you do not have a torch for your pistol


All of our DC-5 Series holsters are able to attach onto mounting platforms(NOT included) which use a 3-screw system these include, but are not limited to:




G-Code and G-Code RTI


We set the retention screw to a standard fit, we suggest you alter it if needed and then use a small amount of Loctite or Super Glue to make sure it stays tight.

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Gun not included.