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EU18 Gen 3 Black


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WE EU18 Gen 3 Black

The EU18, formerly the EU17 pistol, both the size and shape are similar, even can share the same holster and magazine holder with the EU17. The EU18 was similar in many ways to the EU17. One of the key differences between the EU17 and 18 was the former addition of selective fire, allowing for both full automatic and semi-automatic fire modes by way of a two-position selector switch fitted to the left rear side of the slide. The switch was flipped up for single shot fire and flipped down for full auto fire.

This is a EU18 Replica model from WE Tech, the pistol slide was made of metal with a metal made outer barrel. The total weight of this pistol is about 800g and the total length of this pistol is 200mm. WE G18 GBB Pistol is a gas blow back model, firing mode in semi auto. The magazine can carry 25rounds bb per mag, and shooting power at 310FPS with 0.2g bb. 

There is no marking on this pistol model, there is a tactical rail on the frame for the flashlight/laser attachment, and the nylon polymer pistol frame is one-piece construction. This pistol featured an integrated trigger safety. 

• Built-in underside rail for tactical light/laser device
• Interchangeable Backstrap with different sizes for your comfort
• Durable nylon polymer frame 
• Rough textured grip to enhance grip traction and a better control on the pistol
• Trigger-Safety mechanism to prevent mis-triggering
• Metal Side and outer barrel
• With full automatic / semi-automatic firing mode

Item Weight(gram): 800g
Major Color: Black
Length: 200mm
Barrel Length: 97mm 
Blow Back: Yes
Hop-up: Adjustable 
Shooting Mode: Full/ Semi-automatic 
Magazine Capacity: 25+1 Rounds 
Bullet Type: 6mm BB 
Pistol Power Source: Gas 
Power (Muzzle Velocity): 310FPS

Over 18s only and must have reasonable defense to purchase. If you do not provide information of your reasonable defense in your order we will contact you to ascertain this which may delay or cancel your order