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Titan Power 7.4v 3000mah Split Tamiya Lithium Ion Battery


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Titan Power 7.4v 3000mah Split Tamiya Lithium Ion Battery

Voltage: 7.4v

Capacity: 3000mAh

Connector: Tamiya

Style: Nunchuck

C Rating: 16C (equivalent of a 1600mAh 30C)

Is this enough? Why C rating is only half the equation.


Size: 19.5mm (0.77in) thick, 67mm (2.6in) long
Learn how to charge a Titan Pack onYouTube

This configuration will fit into smaller stocks and might provide solutions for handguards even. It for sure is our cheapest Crane Stock option. 

No Puff
Titan Power batteries will never puff and become unsafe, like lipos will that have been either neglected or simply aged over time.

No Memory
Titan Power batteries can be charged from empty or nearly full without damaging the battery. Even if your battery gets low and your device cannot cycle, the battery is still within safe operating ranges and can be charged safely back to 100%.  

More Power
Beginning in 2020, the Titan Power product line outperforms ALL airsoft batteries, with the same or higher rate of fire, and the same or greater trigger response, when comparing like voltage and similar size.