Thompson M1a1 GBBR


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Cybergun/WE Thompson M1a1 GBBR

*Please note: This Product Is Ordered In For You From The Distributor (1-4 Weeks)*

After a long wait its finally over! WE/Cybergun have teamed up once again to bring us a true classic from WWII! The US Made M1a1 Thompson SMG IN GAS! Made famous by its countless appearances in Hollywood Cinema (Saving Private Ryan) and also its use by Gangsters throughout the 1920s, Cybergun/WE have produced a fantastic full metal replica with imitation wood furniture! (The Stock and fore grip) With a functioning bolt which can be charged and cycled - this weapon fires from an open bolt (The bolt is cocked back and upon pulling the trigger it will slam home and fire) Using Gas Powered 50 round magazines, the Thompson is a true collectors piece, perfect for you WW2 Players out there! Or those die hard fans of period weapons.

Specs and Features:

  • Construction: Metal + Imitation wood Furniture
  • Weight: 2690 g
  • Length: 810mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Capacity: 50 Rounds
  • Gas Powered
  • Blowback: Yes
  • Hop Up: Adjustable
  • Fire Modes - Safe, Semi, Full Auto
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~320 FPS

Over 18s only and must have reasonable defense to purchase. If you do not provide information of your reasonable defense in your order we will contact you to ascertain this which may delay or cancel your order