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Snow Wolf AUG Short Tan AEG


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Snow Wolf AUG Short Tan AEG

Over 18s only and must have reasonable defense to purchase. If you do not provide information of your reasonable defense in your order we will contact you to ascertain this which may delay or cancel your order

The Steyr Aug is an Iconic Austrian Assault Rifle, One of the first ever Bullpup rifles to see widespread use! This Replica from Snow Wolf is of the full length service rifle variant. Being an A1 Model, this variant comes with the built in 2x optical scope and folding foregrip. The AUG weapon system also utilises a two stage trigger system where the trigger is pulled lightly half way for semi auto fire, and a heavy pull will engage full auto.

Specs and Features:
  • Material: Polymer + Metal
  • Weight: 3325 g
  • Length: 806 mm
  • Colour: Black & Tan
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~330 FPS