Lipo Alarm


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Plugs into the balance lead on LiPo and LiFe batteries and will read out the total voltage and each individual cells voltage to help you check on the status of the battery. Will work on 1-8 cell LiPo and LiFe batteries. Will sound an alarm if the voltage of any cell drops below a set level, which can be adjusted by the user.


Connecting the battery

To connect the battery find the balance lead from the LiPo/LiFE battery and plug it in as shown in the photo below with the negative (Black) lead at the bottom inline with the - symbol.  Once connected the alarm will beep to let you know its powered.


Checking the voltage

Once connected the unit will automatically start cycling through the battery voltages on the display.  The first display will be 'ALL' which shows the total voltage of the battery:




After this it will go through and display the voltage of each cell in the battery (this will vary depending on how many cells the battery has):





Setting the alarm level

To set the voltage level at which the alarm will sound just press the set button once the battery is connected and the display will show the current alarm setting.  To change it just press the button again until the desired setting it displayed.  Once you find the right voltage wait and the unit will automatically save this setting and go back to displaying the battery voltages. 



This setting will be remember even after you disconnect the battery.  The alarm will automatically sound if it detects a  cell with a low voltage as soon as its connected.