LCT ZPT-3 Buttstock Classic


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LCT ZPT-3 Buttstock Classic

LCT PT-3 ПТ-3 telescopic CNC aluminum buttstock "Klassika". Will fit Most airsoft AKs with folding stock. PT-3 is folded to the left. The stock has three positions polymer cheek riser. Riser length is 11 cms (4.3 inches). Features ambidextrous rotating swivel. The stock has slot for QD accessories. PT-3 is absolutely rock solid, maybe the best AK stock available now.

  • CNC aluminum construction
  • CNC steel lock
  • Three positions cheek riser
  • Telescopic mechanism with additional “no wobble” screw
  • Ambidextrous rotating swivel

Note: Before folding the stock, please keep pressing the button up, then folding. If will cause damage in improper operation.

For LCT VZK-MSU / LCK-74MN / LCKS-74M / STK-74 / LCK-104 / LCK-105 / LCKS-74 / LCKS-74UN / PP-19-01 / LCK-106 / RPKS74 / RPKS74MN / TK-105 / TK-102 / TX-S74UN
Compatible with GHK AK GBB series

Sku: LCT-ZPT-3
Vendor: LCT
Weight: 630 g