Double Eagle

Double Eagle B-5 Tracer Unit


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Double Eagle B-5 Tracer Unit

Same Technology as ASG BT Silencer - 14mm CCW thread - Semi & Full Auto! -  Powered by 4xAAA batteries (not included)

The Double Eagle Tracer Unit has an easy to operate push button on/off switch located at the rear. The unit is powered by 4x AAA batteries which are not included. This unit is used with Tracer BB's which give a bright glow once they pass through the unit as it flashes the BB's with a strobe light. This unit is one of the most reliable units available and is the OEM for ASG's popular B&T Tracer. This unit does not have the B&T markings. This Tracer unit works with both semi auto and full auto fire modes. It also has a mock suppressor aesthetic so looks cool as it lights up yours tracer rounds. Firing tracer BB's is great fun and they are usually available in Green and Red.
    •  14mm CCW thread
    •  Works with Semi and Full Auto fire modes
    •  Full metal outer construction
    •  Functions from 4x AAA Batteries
    •  Batteries not included