ACM GBRS Hydra Mount(Options)


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ACM GBRS Hydra Mount(Options)

This replica mount comes in two different styles and two different colours. The Low version is for XPS style Red Dots while the High version is for T1 style Red Dots.

  • HYDRA is the first dual optical mount designed for end users that offers a 2.91-inch optical centre line for faster target identification regardless of equipment / equipment obstructions i.e. EarPro/Comms, Gas/CBRN and Night Vision Headphones.
  • A higher optics allow for a more athletic posture and a "head up" attitude that allows end users to maintain a vertical spine that translates to a bulletproof vest or "display plates" at threat. This "heads up" style allows faster processing speed and better situational awareness.
  • The unique, patented design offers a MIL-STD-1913, or Picatinny raised platform for direct attachment of accessories such as lights, optics and sighting devices. It is perfect for super short PDW/SMG platforms where rail space is limited but the need to mount a light and laser is still critical. The passage on the neck allows you to manage cables or iron through.
  • There is no need to compromise your grip due to equipment or move your hands due to limited rail space. We achieve this by raising accessories like Picatinny light or laser and closer to the red dot optics. This reduces darkness and brings weight to the centre of the platform above the store.