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Sotac Gear CM Style Red Dot Sight Black


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Sotac Gear CM Style Red Dot Sight Black

This Sotac Gear Reflex Sights is well made red dot sights with clear sharp reticules thanks to anti-glare reflective lens coating; illuminated red dot with 9 brightness settings.

A reflex sight will offer nearly unlimited eye relief, meaning you do not need to have your eye inches away from the eyepiece to get a clear sight picture like you would with a telescopic sight.
They also allow you to shoot with both eyes open, which makes them ideal for close quarter shooting where target acquisition speed, the ability to track secondary targets, and situational awareness are of paramount importance.
On top of speed, reflex optics are easier to use than both iron and telescopic sights. You do not need to line up the front and rear sights as you do with iron sights. This makes you faster target acquisition..

Usually favoured by competition shooters but now more and more skirmish shooters are using these Reflex Sights for the advantage of faster target engagement especially in CQB environment.

The CM Style Red Dot Sights comes with removable blast protector, sun shield and 20mm mount to fit onto picatinny rail.

Items included :
1 x Sotac Gear CM Style Red Dot Sights 1 x Blast Protector 1 x Sun Shield 1 x Mini Screw Driver 3 x Allens Keys 1 x LED Cover