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JG RPK Metal And Wood

RPK (Russian: Ручной пулемёт Калашникова or "Kalashnikov hand-held machine gun" in English) is a Soviet Light Machine Gun developed in late 1950s. RPK functions identically to the AK47 Rifle, also uses the same cartridges and has a smiliar design layout to the AK47 and AKM Series, with modifications to increase the RPK's effective range and accuracy, enhance its sustained fire capability, and strengthen the receiver. RPK can share the 30 rds magazine which used on AKM or AK47, it also commonly used with a 40 rds magazine or a 75 rds drum magazine.

14mm”-” Metal AK type Flash Hider.
Extended RPK type barrel with a barrel mount folding bipod.
Real Wood RPK type large handguard included.
Metal Body frame with Real Wood hand grip and Real Wood RPK Fixed Stock.
Adjustable rear sight with marking.
Adjustable Hopup system.
Safe & Full-Auto / Semi Selector lever.
Store up to 8.4V stick type batteries inside the rear stock.
Constructed with JG Ver 3 Metal gear box with Electronic blow back (EBB) system.
Ready to go for 370 – 380 FPS without modification.
Front and rear sling swivel wich can installed any single, 2- or 3 point tactical sling.
Included Front Sight Adjustment.
Included 600 rounds Metal AK type Hi-Capacity Magazine.

Length: 1050mm
Barrel Length: ~650mm
Shooting Mode: Safety, Full-Auto, Semi-Auto
Weight (g): 4220 (gun with magazine), 5840 (with box)
Gear Box:  JG Ver 3 Metal gear box with Electronic blow back (EBB) system
Battery: 8.4V Battery (stick type)
Magazine Capacity: 600 rds
Material: Read Wood, Metal & Plastic
Bullet type: 6mm BB

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