Ready for Battle

RFB Padded Armour


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Ready for Battle

Epic Armoury’s Ready-for-Battle Padded Armour is a long padded, sleeveless coat covering the body from the shoulders to the upper thighs. Made from quilted cotton canvas lined with a soft polyester interior and a medium cotton outer layer, this padding can be worn on its own or as padding beneath heavy steel or leather armour. Suede split-leather lining at the neck prevents tearing or splitting with excessive wear against armour, while also adding additional comfort to the neck.

The RFB Padded Armour is stitched to ensure the padding will remain evenly spaced. This coat provides ease of movement thanks to the slitted front, back and sides. Adjust it to your size by tying the cotton straps at the hips. With its neutral style, the RFB Padded Armour will work on a wide variety of characters. Match it with other Epic Armoury armours and clothes to fit your unique style!

  • Medium/Large:
  • Fabric: Polyester padding
  • Fittings: Cotton tie-strings
  • Weight: 1200 gram / 42,33 oz
  • Length cm: 92,00
  • Chest cm: 100,00
  • X-Large/XX-Large:
  • Fabric: Polyester padding
  • Fittings: Cotton tie-strings
  • Weight: 1500 gram / 52,91 oz
  • Length cm: 112,00
  • Chest cm: 110,00