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Pot Helmet Large


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Epic Armoury Pot Helmet Large

The Pot Helmet is a is a flat-top helmet with a large brim - like a steel cowboy hat. It has been made to look like it was crafted from three main pieces: a flat top riveted to a lightly tapering panel riveted to a broad brim, with a reinforcing flat crest riveted on from the forehead to the back of the skull. This produces a simple, rugged and effective look - like a veteran warrior's hat. All it needs is a coif to protect the cheeks and neck. The Pot Helmet was one of the most popular helmets of the medieval period, is named after the similar looking kitchen implement used for preparing food.

Specs and Features: 

  • Size: Large
  • Colour: Polished Steel
  • Type: Helmet
  • Thickness: 1mm / 19 Gauge
  • Fittings: Foam Padding , Inlay Top-Grain
  • Weight: 1900 Grams / 67,02 oz
  • Circumference: 65,00 
  • Material: Mild Steel