Super Redhawk X-Cartridge 9.5" Heavy Weight Black 6mm


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Marushin Super Redhawk X-Cartridge 9.5" Heavy Weight Black 6mm

The Ruger Super Redhawk was is line of revolvers which first started in 1987 but continues to this day with new variants and design revisions. The very purpose of this revolver design was to accommodate larger, more powerful calibers including the .44 Magnum, .454 Casull and .480 Ruger. 

The Marushin X Cartridge series loads six full sized dummy shells into the chamber; each shell containing a single 8mm BB. The gas reservoir in the pistol is charged via the standard valve on the bottom of the grip; there is more then enough gas to empty all 6 shots, each one clocking in at around 310 fps making it very powerful. 

An 8mm BB at 300 fps with an approximate mass of 0.4g is about 1.8 joules; the 6mm 0.2g equivalent would be around 440 fps. 

The normal sized grips allow comfortable handling of the large frame weapon, its designs showing the distinctions of a reinforced design. The adjustable rear iron sight and red front sight also make aiming a pretty easy prospect. A weapon with this look and power is clearing about making a statement; you carry and wield one more as a psychological deterrent then a weapon; clearly a game Marshalls or team leaders weapon if ever there was one.