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King Arms SAA .45 Devil Revolver Black Gas


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King Arms SAA .45 Devil Revolver Black Gas

Over 18s only and must have reasonable defence to purchase. If you do not provide information of your reasonable defence in your order we will contact you to ascertain this which may delay or cancel your order

This SAA.45 Devil Revolver is a full metal construction handgun made by King Arms. 

1.Main assembly:
 - The whole revolver is constructed by metal, it gives a very concrete and rigid feels. Allows shooter do quick action confidently.
 - Aluminium parts with CNC process producing Hammer Extension. Tactical Rail and Extension Grip Panels. And making One-piece form sight mount, muzzle break and outer barrel.
 - 6.5 inch barrel length available on both chromate conversion coating and electric darkening treatment surface finishing.
 - Power source with pressurized green gas.

2.Outer & Inner Barrel:
 - 6.5 inch barrel equipped with 20mm width picatinny rails and different lengths along 3-sides: bottom, left and right providing a platform for mounting accessories like flash light and laser etc.
 - These rails can be removed or replaced with another colour parts or accessories easily.
 - This brand new metal tactical compensator is different to those in the classic SAA.45 ever.
 - Smooth and precise brass internal barrel in 6.05mm inner diameter makes the shooting trajectory more accuracy.

 - Aluminium grip not only durable, the Ergonomic design allows the shooter grasp tight and control over the revolver.
 - New pattern design and colour panels make the gun looks more fashionable & science fiction feel.

 - The metal cylinder bullet inlet can be opened easily in order to reload bullets quickly.
 - Push the bullets ejector thumbpiece to remove bullets one by one. 
 - The cylinder stores up to 6 bullet shells.
 - Metal latch precisely stop the cylinder in the correct position.

 - The hammer extension allows shooter operates more easily.
 - Metal hammer assures the strike on the gas outlet valve.
 - Single-action operation.

 - 3 points lights from Fibre Optics fixed sight helps shooter acquire the target quickly and clearly.
 - 2 colours of 2mm thick fibre optics applied.

7.Bullets and Loader:
 - Heavy brass shells with high compression bb retainers.
 - Package come with 6 BB bullets shells.