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Dark Grey Kids Hood with Goblin Ears
Epic Armoury

Dark Grey Kids Hood with Goblin Ears

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Epic Armoury

Epic Armoury’s Goblin Ears Hood is a wool blend hat with detailed latex goblin ears attached. This hat covers the entire head, providing great warmth to otherwise cold ears. Embellished with large stitching around the edges, this wool felt hat has a mischievous goblinoid appearance thanks to the curved point on top and long flaps by the ears.

Wear this hood by simply slipping it onto your head--it’s easy and comfortable. The Goblin Ear Hood is a perfect solution when you find latex ears uncomfortable or impossible to use, creating a goblin look without needing sticky adhesive. Also a great option for people who require quick costume changes.

Specs and Features:

  • Colour: Dark Grey
  • Type: Hood
  • Fabric: Latex
  • Weight: 250 grams / 8.82 oz
  • Main Fabric: Wool Blend
  • Universe: Orc 

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