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Holder Haste
Epic Armoury

Holder Haste

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Epic Armoury

The Holder Haste is a frog fitted to the belt to keep your weapon handy yet out of the way. The frog has a 12,5 cm long scabbard open at both ends. It is made from black full-grain leather with a V-shaped patch with a shuriken-pattern, and is padded with a thin layer of soft split-leather on the inside to keep tear on the weapon at a minimum. The sword holder can be suspended from a belt with a broad hanger, ensuring that the sword stays at the intended angle. The holder is sewn with decorative stitches around all edges. The holder fits most Epic Armoury foams and is compatible with all Epic Armoury leathers. The Holder Haste is handsome but neutral enough to go with a multitude of characters, roles and worlds. This specific item is intended for left-handed players.

Specs and Features

  • Size: One Size
  • Colour: Black or Black/Brown
  • Type: Sword Holder
  • Alignment: Belt, Left/Right hand side
  • Fittings: Split leather
  • Weight: 135 grams
  • Brand: Epic Armoury
  • Height cm: 13
  • Diameter cm: 5
  • Belt loop cm: 4.5

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