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Full Scabbard
Epic Armoury

Full Scabbard

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Epic Armoury

Full Scabbard

Epic Armoury's Full Scabbard Large is a brown and dark-brown scabbard for keeping weapons out of harm's way and protected from the elements,

yet close at hand when you need them. The scabbard is made from a durable, brown plated chrome-tanned leather,

furnished on the inside with polyester wool to keep wear and tear on the weapons carried to a minimum,

and decorated with slim dark-brown leather straps. The scabbard can be suspended from the belt with a leather hoop at the top,

and is set at an angle with a long strapped-hoop fitted in a brace near the middle of the scabbard.

At the top of the scabbard it is reinforced with a decorate leather dark-brown strip with stitching to keep the scabbard from deforming with use.

At the other end the tip is reinforced with shaped leather to prevent accidental damage to weapon or scabbard.

The scabbard fits most Epic Armoury swords and is compatible with Epic Armoury leathers and steels.

The style is muted and will fit almost any character in any universe you wish to play.

Please note that this item is intended for right-handed users.

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