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Female Leather Armour


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Epic Armoury Female Leather Armour 

This is a ex display item, some small marks and tarnish.

The Female Leather Armour is a leather cuirass designed to protect the torso with a stiff, shaped upper plate and a softer lower plate protecting the abdomen. The upper chest-plate is shaped to female body and protects the shoulder, chest to the solar plexus and under the arms. The shoulder straps connect to a matching upper back-plate. The upper plate is made from thick vegetable-tanned full-grain leather. The abdominal front and back-plate armour is made from black plated chrome-tanned leather, with a suede finish, divided into squares by black stitching. At the lower edge it is suited with a stiff leather flange to help turn blows away from the vulnerable connection between the cuirass and groin protection. The flanks are rimmed with black leather and stitched along the edges. The armour can be donned either as a vest or be pulled over the head. The front is divided into two, and can be closed tight with a system of flattened leather cords tied onto a underlying layer of split leather. A system of flattened leather cords at the flanks allow the armour to be adjusted to the individual wearer. It is compatible with other Epic Armoury leather and steel armours and accessories and is designed in a neutral style, allowing use in almost any setting you wish.


Weight:    950 gram / 33,51 oz
Length cm:    45,00
Chest cm:    79,00
Waist cm:    69,00


Weight:    1200 gram / 42,33 oz
Length cm:    53,00
Chest cm:    87,00
Waist cm:    79,00


Weight:    1400 gram / 49,38 oz
Length cm:    60,00
Chest cm:    97,00
Waist cm:    89,00