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Warrior Bracers
Epic Armoury

Warrior Bracers

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Epic Armoury

Bracers Warrior is a set of tough leather arm guards designed to protect the forearms in combat or when shooting a bow. They are made from black full-grain leather with a second layer of reinforcing red leather at the wrist and elbows. The bracers are furnished with soft, black split-leather on the inside. Reinforcement and split-leather lining are stitched on with tread. This prevents the leather from deforming and minimizes tear while adding structure. The bracers are tied on with leather lacing. The style is low-fantasy and compatible with other Epic Armoury leather- and steel armours. It will fit most characters and game worlds giving the player maximal freedom when creating characters and customizing equipment.

  • Medium:
  • Weight: 285 gram / 10,05 oz
  • Length cm: 26,00
  • Top width cm: 24,00
  • Bottom width cm: 19,00
  • Large:
  • Weight: 380 gram / 13,4 oz
  • Length cm: 28,00
  • Top width cm: 27,00
  • Bottom width cm: 20,00

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