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Soldier Armour - Medium


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Epic Armoury

The Soldier Armour is a handsome leather cuirass designed to protect the whole torso with front- and back-plate. It has a one-piece back-plate and a split front-plate, which closes tight over the chest and abdomen. Each plate is shaped from six broad, overlapping oblongs of hardy, black full-grain leather adorned with shiny brass studs to form the placard of the armour. At the neck a rounded vertical leather plate serves as a gorget. Four straps at the front plates allow the armour to be closed tightly. The staps are hefted with decorative brass studs on diamond shaped patches and closed with brass buckles. Around the rims of the armour the edges are bound with flattened leather cords. The effect is a solid piece of armour with lines suggesting a slim waist and broad shoulders. It is highly adjustable both at the front but also with strong leather cords at the flanks. Leather armour has been used throughout the ages by high- and low born. Until high-medieval period it was a common armour with professional soldiers. Epic Armoury's version is compatible with all other Epic Armoury leathers and steels but is toned down to work with as many different characters as possible.

Specs and Features: 

  • Weight:    1250 gram / 44,09 oz
  • Length cm:    55,00
  • Chest cm:    86,00
  • Waist cm:    82,00