EMG Archon Firearms Type B *Pre-Order*


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EMG Archon Firearms Type B *Pre-Order*

Over 18s only and must have reasonable defense to purchase. If you do not provide information of your reasonable defense in your order we will contact you to ascertain this which may delay or cancel your order

The Archon Type B started its life as a Stryk-B made by then called Arsenal Firearms.  After the name change, Type B became their hit pistol with its extremely low bore axis and unique design.  

The Type B is a compact pistol much similar to the size of the Glock 19 and feels very similar in hand though the Type B looks as if it sits lower in your hand.  The lower bore axis means the barrel of the gun sits lower in the gun helping with recoil mitigation as well as making the pistol feel more snappy.  With the lowering of the bore axis, you also find it easier to track your front sight when moving between different targets which makes shooting the gun feel exceptional fast.  

The frame features aggressive texturing without the need for stippling and the high beavertail allows you to get a higher purchase on the pistol.  Operation of the pistol feels very similar to other striker-fired pistols and all the controls are in the same or similar places as seen on other pistols. 

Magazine Compatibility: 

  • EMG Archon Type B Pistol Magasines 

Magazine Capacity: 

  • 19rds 


  • x1 EMG / Archon Firearms Type B GBB Pistol - Black

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