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Deadly Customs M4 5.56 Magazine Holster


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Deadly Customs M4 5.56 Magazine Holster

Our M4 Magazine holsters are manufactured to fit  all M4 mags we have test fitted these with over 50 different types of M4 Magazine. All of our Magazine holsters have undergone rigorous testing using various makes and models to make sure they offer the best fit possible. Each Mag holster has 2 adjustable retention screws, meaning you can set them to suit play style or environment.

We have designed each Mag holster with space and ease of use in mind meaning you can easily double stack them in front of each other saving space on your Shooter Belt or plate carrier. The design means you can also orientate you Magazine both ways to suit you.

These holsters are manufactured entirely in the UK from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex.


Flared opening for easy holstering

2X Adjustable Retention

Made of 2mm Kydex

Left or right side mounting

Fits onto 2” wide belts or molle with providing mounting options

Adjustable cant angle of up to 20°


We set the retention screw to a standard fit, we suggest you alter it if needed and then use a small amount of Loctite or Super Glue to make sure it stays tight.

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