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Deadly Customs Enola Gaye MK5 Thunder Flash Holster


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Deadly Customs Enola Gaye MK5 Thunder Flash Holster

Just like every Deadly Customs product; our MK5 holster has been designed from the ground up, with the player in mind. We have made its footprint as small as possible. It has 2 adjustable retention points, this means you can have as much grip on your MK5s as you want. The MK5 holster comes with 2 mounting options;

Malice clips which are great for Molle/Palls systems and on our Shooters belt

DC combat loop which works great and give you a solid platform to mount to your belt or Molle/Palls.

You can mount them in 4 directions (up, to the left, down or to the right)

Fits 2 MK5S

2 Adjustable retention points

Works on Molle, Palls and belts

Mountable in 4 directions 

These are are made from P1 haircell Kydex and come with a malice clip or Combat loop that can be attached to a belt or any Molle system. Available in Black, ODG ( Green) and Coyote Brown (Tan).

We set the retention screw to a standard fit, we suggest you alter it if needed and then use a small amount of Loctite or Super Glue to make sure it stays tight.

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