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Deadly Custom Shooters Belt Green


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Deadly Custom Shooters Belt Green

Our Deadly Customs Shooters Belt is packed full of great features. It is built from duel layered webbing to create the strongest possible belt on the market. The duel layer construction stops it from rolling over due to potential weight of pouches, holsters or alike. The front features a genuine 50 mm Austria Alpin Cobra Buckle™.

The inside is lined with extra strong hook Velcro to attach it to the inner belt. The inner is designed to work through your trouser loops just like a regular belt. The included inner part also has extra ridged construction, when the two are paired together it creates a solid platform you can reply on. The inner belt has been designed intentionally with loop Velcro meaning you can wear it by its self and it won’t ruin your clothes or car seats. The Deadly Customs Shooters Belt is available in 7 different colors / Camouflages. Every belt is hand made in the UK using milspec materials and cutting edge tecnoldogy. Each Deadly Customs Shooters Belt gets the Deadly Customs seal of approval with the Deadly Customs Skull etched into the metal tongue of the Cobra Buckle™.


To chose an accurate size please measure yourself prior to ordering, taking the measurement in the position where the top of your trousers would sit and over the belt loops. Please note belts cannot be made smaller due to the design however they do have an adjustable let out of 7″.On average your size is 2″ larger then your jeans size.

**Sizing guide**

30″-34″ Choose Small, 34-38″ Choose Medium, 38″-42″ Choose Large


Duel layer construction for extra strength

Included inner belt

50mm AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle XL 4000lb hold and 2000lb direct load

2″ Mil Spec Webbing BS 5500lbs+

All webbing and elastic included is mil spec Bonded Nylon thread