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Dark Elven Blade - 65cm


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Epic Armoury Dark Elven Blade

The Dark Elven Blade is a chopping short sword, forged in the dark style of the Dark Elves. The sword is 65 cm of length with a gently curving, single-edged 45 cm blade. The blade is coloured like bleaching bone and fitted with dark patches on the odd-side. The forward-swept cross-guard gives the blade an aggressive look. This is topped off by a claw-like pommel below the 10 cm long handle, wrapped in split-leather for improved grip. The sword has an oval handle securing to give you maximal intuitive control of the edge. The grip is wrapped in split-leather ensuring good grip and mobility. Below the cross-guard the sword is fitted with a pistol ring under the cross-guard for extra grip and control. The blade has a dark, vicious feel that will fit almost any dark character whether your style is that of a dark corsair, dark elven warrior or raider.

Specs and Features: 

  • Weight:    175 gram / 6,17 oz
  • Length cm:    65,00
  • Grip length cm:    12,00
  • Blade length cm:    45,00
  • Blade width max:    6,00

Manufacturer's Note:
This product is handmade and/or hand-painted and therefore unique. As a result, the products can have natural deviations in patterns, colors and shapes, which are not considered defects or faults.