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Cutlass - 84cm
Epic Armoury

Cutlass - 84cm

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Epic Armoury Cutlass

Epic Armoury’s Cutlass is a single edged blade with a large basket hilt. The blade is one-edged curving slightly, and thickening like a machette at 1/3 along the length to give it the chopping power to dominate a bloody deck. The basket-hilt hand-guard gives it a stylish look that will be popular with benevolent swashbucklers as well as brigands and pirate scallywags. Traditionally a cutlass would be used with a trident dagger or similar, a pistol or a belaying pin (read short club). The handle is wrapped in split-leather for a good grip. Though handsome and definitely pirate, the style is moderate and will be useful no matter where the winds be sweeping you and your plunder.

Specs and Features: 

  • Length cm: 84,00
  • Grip length cm: 16,00
  • Blade length cm: 67,00
  • Blade width max: 8,50

Manufacturer's Note:
This product is handmade and/or hand-painted and therefore unique. As a result, the products can have natural deviations in patterns, colors and shapes, which are not considered defects or faults.

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