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Chiappa Rhino 50DS Co2 Revolver Black


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Chiappa Rhino 50DS Co2 Revolver Black

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The Chiappa Rhino has been a revolver that has been turning heads since it came on the scene.  With its unique design which includes lowering the barrel of the pistol, the Rhino offers one of the most interesting shooting experiences.  Traditional revolvers are considered to have a rather high bore axis due to how the barrel sits in relation to the cylinder, with the Rhino, this is inverted.  Instead of having the barrel sit in the traditional position and having a round fire from the "top side" the Rhino fires from the bottom.  This change in design makes the Rhino sit much lower in your hand and doesn't experience as much "height over bore" issues as other traditional revolvers.  It also helps with recoil mitigation as the barrel sits much lower, making the transfer of rearward force straight back into the arm of the shooter.  This design also allows the pistol to have a beaver tail at the rear of the grip, allowing the shooter to have a relatively high purchase on the gun.  Though the Chiappa is not the first company to do so, as revolvers such as the Mateba have featured this, the Rhino certainly has taken this design further and brought it into the modern shooting scene. 

The airsoft version is a faithful replica of the real steel firearm and features a full metal frame, faux wood plastic grips, and corresponding markings.  The ergonomics of the revolver is extremely similar to the real one and its finish is well done.  Being a Co2 pistol you will be able to operate the pistol in a variety of environments and it will offer consistent FPS as well as shooting experiences.  

Shell Compatibility: 

  • Gun Heaven / WinGun Compatible Revolver Shells 


  • x1 BO Manufacture Chiappa Rhino 50DS .357 Magnum Style Airsoft CO2 Revolver - Bla k (by Wingun)
  • x6 Shells 
  • x1 User Manual 

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