Ready for Battle

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Ready for Battle

Epic Armoury’s Ready-for-Battle backpack is a frameless rucksack that can hold up to 9000 cubic cm (or about 9 liters). Made from reinforced cotton canvas and chrome-tanned plated leather, it straps onto the wearer using sturdy cotton cords.

The backpack’s interior has one compartment about 40 cm deep and approximately 20 cm in diameter. Its oval top is reinforced with leather set with large eyelets, and closes by pulling its cotton cord drawstring running through the eyelets. The bottom of the backpack is anchored by heavy leather patches.

The Ready-for-Battle Backpack is made especially for young players. It is big enough to hold essentials like a water bottle, dry socks and a sweater, but it is still small enough to bring along on LARP adventures. On the front there is a leather patch for writing contact information.