Baby M4 (E Series)


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VFC Baby M4 (E Series)

*Please note: This Product Is Ordered In For You From The Distributor (1-4 Weeks)*

At barely 16 inches long, the baby M4 is an incredibly compact rifle built with no stock and a tiny 5 inch barrel. Built around the E-series M4, this weapon performs like an AEG but wields like a large pistol. Great for use as a CQB Primary weapon or even a compact secondary for a bolt action rifleman/Machine Gunner as something to switch to in tight quarters. The short rail system incorporates the full four sides of rail allowing a host of accessory options far more then a normal pistol and its full length upper rail comes bundled with flip-up front and rear iron sights. The weapon itself is made of a solid all-metal construction with all the right materials in the right places; most critically for such a build, the metal body is great quality and rock solid. The battery storage solution offered comes in the form of the included dummy PEQ battery box, the receiver end cap adds a nice rounded finish and the included trigger guard is of the ergonomic variety; all in all a fantastic CQB Weapon!

Specs and Features:

  • Material: Metal + Polymer
  • Length: 400mm
  • Inner Barrel: 165mm
  • Weight: 1858g
  • Hop Up: Adjustable 
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~315fps

Over 18s only and must have reasonable defense to purchase. If you do not provide information of your reasonable defense in your order we will contact you to ascertain this which may delay or cancel your order

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