At A2 Supplies we have set up three ranges for use by our customers where if you'd like to test or just play with your Airsoft equipment we are happy to assist.

On our airsoft range we also provide various activities you can partake in like:

  • IPSC style short and long stages
  • Digital target system, how fast are your reactions and how many targets can you shoot? 
  • 15-metre long range for use primarily with rifles
  • 7-metre short range for use primarily with pistols
  • Mini games to play between you and your friends 

Our range is fully stocked and we can also support rental requirements if you or your friends don't have everything you need to enjoy our range.

We also allow the testing of equipment pre-purchase on paid try-before-buy system. If you decide to purchase after your trial then the price of the purchase is discounted from your trial payment!

The Rules

Our range rules are very simple and are designed to keep you and your fellow range users safe. Below are our range rules:

  • Eye Protection to be worn at all times
  • Use of the range is attended by a Range Officer at all times
  • If the Range Officer calls for Range activities to cease through any means, you are to place any RIFs in use on the table facing downrange
  • All RIFs in use must always be pointed downrange, regardless if loaded or not
  • The Range bays are not to be used for engineering work, we can provide a location for you if needed for you to perform any work
  • Full auto is only allowed on the Rifle bay and only with permission by the Range Officer
  • If there are any issues while using the range, they must be reported to a Range Office immediately
  • Any person under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst on the range.

Failure to comply with the above rules can lead to restriction of activities or cancellation of your Range activity.


On site we offer 4 pistol bays designed for short range engagements at 7 metres. Perfect for target practice, handling drills or even group games for those of you who enjoy a spot of competition!

Pushing things further we have 4 longer rifle bays at 15 metres. These bays are perfect for adjusting a rifles hop-up or zeroing optics. These bays can also be configured into a more dynamic range designed to be run with either a rifle or a pistol.

Time to release your inner "Baba-Yaga" on our IPSC inspired short stage. Its a race against the clock as you test your quick reaction skills against a number of reactive targets to see who is the fastest. Will you be the winner?

Party Booking

Booking Includes:
1.5 hours range time
Pistol rental, unlimited ammo, full face protection, instruction from a Range Officer, use of party room for parents and food (food can be provided at an additional price please contact us.)

From: £99

Gift Experiences

Booking Includes:
1 hour range time
Pistol rental, unlimited ammo, full face protection, instruction from a Range Officer.
Available in a 2 and 4 person package

From: £60

A2 Range Memberships

Here especially for you range lovers is a special treat!
Coming to you … the A2 Range membership scheme.
There are three options to choose from; bronze, silver and gold.

From: £15/mo

A2 Range is Open!

The A2 Range is open, please use the contact form below to book yourself in or contact us in store via our telephone number!

Please note, we can only accept bookings during our opening times, any bookings attempted outside of our opening times will be rejected. If you would like to make a booking when we are closed for a party, please call us on 0118 956 1411